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Frequently Asked Questions

EPA has updated its database of Frequent Question (FQ) about the RRP Rule to reflect recent regulatory changes that took effect on October 5, 2011. CLICK HERE.  In addition to the database, you can also find a searchable pdf version of the FQs at

Q:  [Has the Opt-out provision been removed from the rule?]
A: [The opt-out clause has been removed. It must first be published in the Federal Register and will take effect in 60 days. It is expected to be published within the next two weeks.]

Q:  [Has the EPA tried to address the questions contractors have?]
A: [Yes, while not all questions are answered easily, here is a link to some FAQ's the EPA has received. CLICK HERE]

Q: [Who needs the training?]
A: [Any person who works on target housing. That being homes built prior to 1978. Any company or landlord that disturbs more than 6 s.f. of paint on the interior or 20 s.f. of paint on the exterior. And, all window replacement contractors. IE. painters, renovators, remodelers, plumbers, electricians, etc.]

Q: [If I am a General Contractor, do my sub-contractors need training?]
A: [Yes, the EPA has determined that workers in the containment area must be employees of a Certified Firm and be Certified Remodelers or Non-certified workers trained by the Certified Renovator. This means the General Contractor must be a Certified Firm. His sub-contractor must be a Certified Firm with his own Certified Renovators. For more information click on the link: .]

Q: [Will I benefit from using a local training provider over a national provider?]
A: [Yes, it will be easier to get support for your training. More importantly a local provider is better able to keep up with local laws and rule changes to the RRP rule. We offer free support to our clients for one year. This is important because the RRP Rule is not FINAL until April 22, 2010.]

Q: [What if I don't get trained?]
A: [You can not work on homes built prior to 1978. You can not advertise to be a remodeler/renovator on homes prior to 1978.]

Q: [What if I get caught?]
A: [The EPA has created the base fine of $37,500.00 per day per occurrence. And, this fine can not be avoided by bankruptcy, name change, etc.]

Q: [What will the RRP add to each job?]
A: [If you are a conscientious contractor who protected your clients homes already, the additional cost for set-up and clean-up may only be $100.00 per job.]

Q: [What is the cost of training?]
A: [The current cost is $250.00 for the 8 hour course. If you belong to a professional organization or you have a large group we will offer discounts to your group.]

Q: [Is my employer required to pay for training?]
A: [Once the rule takes affect April 22, 2010, you employer is responsible for the cost of your training.]

Q: [How long is my certification good for?]
A: [The certification requires a renewal after 5 years. You will be required to take a 4 hour refresher course.]