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Training & Support

   What our clients say:

Hello all,
    To anyone who has not yet done the EPA Lead Training, or your subs, I wanted to let you know the class I took in Chicago last week was very well run and informative, in a practical way that will be very helpful to our businesses.  Rich, who taught the class, was great and has been available to take my calls to answer follow up questions. They have offered the class at $200 to CertaPro Franchisees.  They have a training site in Chicago and in Elgin.
Tony A. CertaPro

     Training means more than meeting the course requirements. It is important you have a resource for continued support. Public Health and Safety, Inc. will provide free support to those that train with us for up to a year.

     Training is currently available for the "Certified Renovator" at multiple locations. We have two primary locations however, look at the Training Dates for other locations.

Public Health and Safety, Inc. 133 S. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL. 60607

Habitat for Humanity, RESTORE 800 N. State St. Elgin, IL.

   If you have 15 or more you need to get trained ask about our discounts. For more information contact Erin.

All training is offered on a first come, first served registration until payment is received. To pay by phone call our office at 312-491-0081.

Training includes six hours of education.
Including book, checklists, forms and exam. Followed by 2 hours of hands on training in lead safe work practices.
$250.00 payable after registration. At least 5 days prior to date.


Certified Renovator Refresher
4 hour refresher required every 5 years.
$150.00 payable by check or credit card.

Important Publications

"Renovate Right Pamphlet"

"Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right"

"Steps to LEAD SAFE Renovation, Repair and Painting"

"Lead Check Test Kit Documentation Form" 

"Sample Pre-Renovation Form"

"Renovation Warning Sign"

"Future Sample Pre-Renovation Form"

"Renovation Notification in Multi-Family Housing"

"Sample Renovation Recordkeeping Checklist"

"How to Safely Change a Lead Contaminated HEPA Filter or Bag"

"Using EPA approved Lead Checks Properly"

"Hands on Checklist for Non-Certified Worker Training"

"Wisconsin Rules for Out of State Certified Firms"

"Wisconsin RRP application for out of state "Certified Firms"

"Wisconsin RRP application for out state "Certified Renovators"

"Iowa Department of Public Health FAQ's"

"Iowa Department of Public Health Notice to Contractors"

"Iowa Pre-Renovation Education Memo"

"Iowa Pre-Renovation Education Flyer"

"Iowa Pre-Renovation Education Brochure and Forms"

"Iowa Certified Firm Application"

"Iowa Certified Renovator Application"